Have you ever dreamed of owning your favorite sports team?


It doesn’t have to be just a dream.



Today, the prospect of owning a sports franchise is closer than ever before, empowering people to move past the romantic notions of calling the shots for a sports team to what is now a viable, trusted, and attainable investment opportunity.


Owning a team doesn’t mean you have to buy a majority stake in a top-tier professional franchise. As the cost and value of sports franchises have increased, so to have the opportunities to become a minority investor and a fractional owner. There are a myriad of options available to interested investors, allowing you to find the right fit that best matches your portfolio and your passion.


That’s where Andy Appleby comes in. One of the most trusted and respected leaders in the sports industry, he can share the secrets that can make ownership a reality, while also ensuring it is a sound business decision with the potential for a high return on your investment.


Meet Andy Appleby


For more than three decades, Andy has been at the forefront of innovation, strategy, and excellence in the world of sports. From his early days as an All-American wrestler to becoming an owner of the Derby County Football Club of the English Premier League and Championship League, Andy has worked in virtually every facet of sports management, marketing, and sales.


Andy likely is the only person who has sold every ticket, suite and sponsorship in the sports world, while also managing at every level of team sports. He’s owned franchises at all levels of professional sports, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and he relies on the knowledge, experience, and relationships he’s acquired throughout his career to help others.


As the founder and president of General Sports Worldwide, Andy can draw from his 35 years of unrivaled experience and provide sound, strategic counsel to truly help those interested in team ownership achieve their dream.


Reach out to Andy today!